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Have A Protective Eye For Your Own Lawn

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It is one thing to build your own lawn from scratch, by bringing your ideas to life. It is something to be proud of and is a great accomplishment. But the hard work and determination doesn’t stop there. That is just the first part of the job, the next phase is lawn maintenance that can be a struggle and tough battle against natural factors.


You have to be your own professional to a certain extent that will be convenient for yourself. Aside from gaining knowledge on how to build a beautiful garden, you also must know about the different kinds of issues that may arise. With this kind of knowledge you will be able to catch these issues early on and be able to tend to the needs of your garden. The longer you wait for issues to develop, the harder it is for you to have it fixed.

There are a lot factor you have to battle in a garden, you have your weeds, pests, fungal diseases, and even mother nature.These factors have their unique effects on your garden, and they aren’t the good kind. You have to learn how to distinguish each kind of issue there is in a garden, because there specific solutions to use per issue. Get to know the signs and symptoms of all the issues and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

White Grubs: Here you will notice a lot of random dead spots in your garden, and this caused by the larva from a beetle that may be feeding on your grass. This issue happens a lot during fall, this is the mating season for the beetles and they can hatch a huge amount of eggs at once. You can apply a special solution before fall hits to prevent this from occurring.

Chinch Bugs: These bugs are in love with the juice that is inside the grass, they suck them dry and they eventually die out. This leaves your garden with a lot of dry spots, this causes your grass to change in color. First it will go yellow, then after it is completely sucked dry, it will go brown. Proper and frequent application of general insecticide can help solve this problem.

Dog Problems: Dogs love the outdoors, especially the garden in your backyard. They usually, run around and can destroy the grass. One of the worst things they can do is dig holes that can leave your lawn a complete mess. It is hard to control your dogs from going outside and going wild. You can try putting a fence around the garden to prevent them from entering the garden.

Fungus: They appear randomly and spread quickly throughout your garden. These things are hard to prevent and hard to spot, its hard to tell what really causes fungus to develop in your grass. The best way to prevent this is by change the way you water and fertilize your garden. Usually, it you maybe doing this too often so it will be worth a try to lessen the frequency.

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Improve Lawn Care And Maintenance (Including Tools)

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There is a lot to learn when it comes to taking care of your lawn, it takes a lot experience for you to get the hang of it and everything will become natural for you. It is always good to know the different ways you can improve the way your maintain your lawn, and this from the tools you use, the skills that you need, and different processes you need to know. The learning never stops, even with your lawn, especially when people are finding better ways to treat your lawn.


Lawn Mower Maintenance: Make sure that you sharpen your blades of your lawn mower. If you always use your mower with dull blades, chances are you will enter a point of no return. You also will get low-quality mowing results for your garden and it will be painful to look at the final product.

If you are using an electric or gasoline powered lawn mower, there will be an air filter that will be attached to it. This air filter will prevent dust and other debris from entering the engine that could possibly give your technical issues. Always remember to change the filter consistently every time it gets really dirty.

Remember that these machines have what you call a spark plug, this is the reason why your lawn mower can start. If you overuse your lawn mower, you can be overworking your spark plug and it can fry the surrounding structures as well. Make sure to replace this part after a few months of usage.

Always make sure to check the quality of your gas, especially if you do not use your lawn mower too often. Using your lawn mower that is filled with aged gasoline can be bad for the machine. Untouched gasoline can create build up of oils that can clog the system of the mower and prevent it from working. It is always good to change the fuel every now and then.

Lawn Care: Don’t go crazy with fertilizer, as too much of this can have negative effects on your garden. Always calculate the way you put your fertilizer, make sure that is during a season where in the grass will grow freely. If you fertilize your garden during a drought, your backyard will smell like feces.

When you mow your lawn, make sure that you do it only when you need to. Too much mowing will leave you with a bald looking garden. Always remember the rule of thumb when it comes to mowing, only cut off ⅓ of the grass at a time and don’t cut more than 3 inches tall.

Don’t forget the basic necessities of your lawn which sunshine and water. You can leave the sunshine to the sun itself, but every morning you should always take time to rehydrate your plants. If you do not water your plants they can go dry and eventually turn brown.

If you remember these information, I do not see any reason why you won’t be able to properly maintain your lawn. All you need is to invest time and make an effort to do so.

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Lawn Maintenance

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It is lawn maintenance day. A day in the week you set aside to trim your grass, remove the weeds, rake the dead leaves and fertilize it back to health. For people who do not do this often the task of mowing your lawn could seem quite easy, but once the works starts they find out it is actually much easier said then done. All of a sudden, there are so many things that need to get done. For those who are new at this, here are a few tips that could help you with your lawn mower and help maintain your lawn to keep it in tip top shape.

Lawn Maintenance 


Mowing your lawn is a key component to your lawns over all health. To most people, Mowing seems simple enough. You charge or gas up your lawn mower, turn it on and push it around your lawn back and forth to cut the grass. There is actually more to it than just that. One important factor in mowing you should always watch out for is how short you cut your grass. When the grass is cut too short, it not only destroys the grass but it exposes the soil and allows weed seeds to grow. You want to make sure that you cut it at just the right length for the grass to remain healthy and intact.

Sharpen Mowing Blades 

Do not forget to maintain your lawnmower. One of the most important factors to get the best result out of your lawnmower is to sharpen the blades. A sharp blade will cut grass evenly and gives it that clean flat look after mowing. On the other hand, blades that have not been properly maintained will not cut your grass properly and could end up destroying your lawn.

Mowing Shaded Areas 

When mowing shaded areas, it is best to cut the grass a little longer than you would in an exposed garden. The longer grass will allow the for the grass to absorb more sunlight for photosynthesis.

Mow Dry 

The best time to mow your lawn is when it is dry. When the lawn is dry, the soil is firm which with make it easier for you to do the job. When the lawn is wet, not only does the lawn mower do damage to the grass but it also has damage implications on your mower. The grass and mud tends to find its way in the mower deck, which causes the machine to clog and could cause further damage to the motor.

Mow When Cool 

Aside from your lawn being dry, it is also best to mow when the grass is already shaded from the sun. Because of the heat, the grass will lose more water and will recover much longer than if you would mow during the cooler parts of the day.

There are many factors that come into play when maintain your lawn properly, but the best way to do so is start with the basics. When it comes to maintaining your lawn, just take baby steps.  Try to master one component at a time before you try and expand your knowledge about maintaining your lawn. It is a long process before you get the hang of it, but eventually you will realize that it is something you can do with ease.

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